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Ep3 - The Future of Home Working

Ep3 - The Future of Home Working

In this episode, we dive into the future of home working, discussing overlooked topics, ongoing changes, and how to prepare teams for evolving corporate culture.

More people than ever before are working from home and the pandemic has completely changed the outlook a lot of companies would have had towards home working. JJ Caffey, the Founder and CEO of Order In - a digital platform for the leaders of remote work - is trying to build a better workday. With a focus on community, connectedness, and efficiency, JJ's mission is to revolutionize the American work culture.

On this podcast episode, we discuss the future of home working, the things we aren't talking about and the things we should be. We break down all of the different issues, changes and improvements that are happening with the corporate working culture and how we can prepare ourselves and our teams for them.

“Support one another, everyone is going through something and we don’t know what, but you’re not alone if you feel like you’re having a tough time”

“Instead of trying to fill up your employee's day, you can boost productivity by emphasising why the work they are doing is valuable, and that what they are doing matters to the company”

Some of the topics covered on this episode:

  • The pros and cons of working from home that you may not be aware of

  • The benefit of a support structure outside of your co-workers

  • Will companies have to offer home working options to remain competitive

  • What is going to happen with all of the empty office space

  • How the pandemic is changing the home working environment

  • How someone can build a company culture with colleagues you have never met

  • We talk about the biggest challenges to people how are home working and how to combat it

  • Is working from home actually making us more flexible

  • What are accountabilibuddies and how can they help you from feeling isolated

  • How to be a better manager to employees who are working from home

  • What is aggressive prioritisation

  • How to improve your work/life balance

  • How to be conscious of co-worker’s schedules and keeping your work network alive

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Introducing Order In

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