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Ep6 - No Age Limits in Leadership w/ James Blake

Ep6 - No Age Limits in Leadership w/ James Blake

Chatting with James: Unpacking the Drive and Hurdles of a Young CEO's Journey—insights on achieving much early on and navigating youth at the helm.

“All I knew was I had a month, month and a half to make something or else I was completely screwed”

“Keep it simple. If you over-complicate things you don't know what you're talking about. Keep it simple and you do”

Joining us on this episode of the podcast is James Blake. James is the founder and managing director of Vindicta Digital - an SEO, Digital marketing and web design agency.

Aside from founding companies, he is the owner of Black Holdings Group, which is an investment firm for online projects and property management and he has recently become a council member in Forbes agency council.

One of the standout points to his career so far is that James has done all of this and more and is yet to have his 30th Birthday.

Throughout the course of the chat, we talked about his motivations and the trials and tribulations he has encountered throughout his career so far. We focused specifically on how he has managed to do so much at such a young age as well as the complications and challenges that come with being such a young CEO.

Some of the topics covered on this episode:

- How getting promotions at a young age can cause animosity and how to deal with it

- Why it can't hurt to reach out to your idols

- How to treat all of your early positions as stepping stones to your eventual goals

- The importance of digital marketing in today's economy

- Why are the most important traits to have in marketing

- Where people can find inspiration for their careers

- The benefits of not being tethered to a single location for hiring

- How companies are adapting their online marketing during the pandemic

- The challenges that come with being very young manager trying to work with other businesses

- Why a pandemic shouldn't get in the way of your goals

- How to deal with the harsh criticisms that can come with success at a young age

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