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Ep8 - Startups and No-Code Solutions w/ Luke Rynne Cullen

Ep8 - Startups and No-Code Solutions w/ Luke Rynne Cullen

On this podcast: Exploring Ireland's startup culture, addressing their common issues, and the impact of No Code solutions on startups and innovation

On this episode on Young leaders in tech, we have Luke Rynne Cullen, who is the founder of TuneRelease and TuneRelease is a media pitching platform that secures coverage for the latest song releases, and is a bookings platform for the live music industry.

Luke is also the Marketing, Communications & Community Lead at Scale Ireland, an independent not-for-profit organisation which supports, represents and advocates on behalf of Ireland’s tech start-up and scale-upa companies. Aside from all of this, Luke is also a Freelance violinist and former president of the Trinity Orchestra in Dublin.

We talked about the startup culture in Ireland, the common problems seen by startups and what you can do to solve them. We also discussed No Code solutions, what they are and how they can be very beneficial for startups and new development in general.

“Essentially what you can do is that you can build your product in days or weeks, rather than months or years. ”

“Just go for it, the biggest regret I would have had would have been stagnating or not doing what I wanted to do”

Some of the topics covered on this episode:

-What help is available for entrepreneurs in Ireland

-The challenges he faced trying to solve problems in the music industry-What you need to get your company off the ground

-Focus on product development or customer growth?

-Whats the most important thing to focus on as a startup

-What common problems that startups face

-What is a No-Code solution

-How they can speed up your go-to-market

-What industries are becoming more popular with new startups

-Why you should be careful when choosing investments in the early days

-What No-Code apps are available

-The benefits to implementing a No-Code solution

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