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Dublin Tech Summit - Ready - Set - Pivot w/ Jean-Christophe Taunay-Bucalo & Saranya Babu

Dublin Tech Summit - Ready - Set - Pivot w/ Jean-Christophe Taunay-Bucalo & Saranya Babu

Live at the Virtual Dublin Tech Summit: A panel on the Scale X Stage explores how innovation and strategic pivoting are vital for overcoming growth challenges.

“First there was the shock - we lost, within a week, 98% of our revenue...”

“It would be much easier to hibernate, but that would be the biggest mistake. It is in a period like this that leaders are built.”

“How do we be useful and help our customers during this time so that we can build loyalty versus building revenue, because this is a time to build loyalty”

This is recording of a Live Panel Discussion we had on the Scale X Stage at the Virtual Dublin Tech Summit. Our main focus was finding out how innovation and pivoting the direction of your business in the face of adversity is necessary to survive and overcome obstacles of growth.

Regardless of size, all businesses need to be agile and quick to react to market challenges. Over the course of this talk we explored this with our two speakers looking at learnings from their own industries, their own experiences and how these can be applied across the board.

Joining me on the panel was Jean-Christophe Tauney-Bucalo, who is the Chief Commercial Officer at TravelPerk and Saranya Babu, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Wrike.

Some of the topics covered on this episode:

  • How to react when your product or solution is no longer viable in the market

  • The importance of retaining existing customers and keeping them happy

  • What you should and should not focus on in a crisis

  • How to make sure your product offering is going to still be relevant after a crisis

  • How to know if what you are developing will actually have a market suitable for it

  • Why it is important to stay aggressive and motivated during a crisis

  • Is it possible to focus on both product development and customer growth

  • What should be important to you when working in a startup

  • The importance of your own support network

  • Different tactics for hiring staff

  • Keeping and maintaining a list of tasks to keep on track

  • How using key metrics per team can help with tracking performance

  • How the pace of change has accelerated in the past few years

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