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Ep2 - The Neuroscience of Leadership

Ep2 - The Neuroscience of Leadership

Exploring the Neuroscience of Leadership with Declan Goodman: Unveiling how new neuroscience advances illuminate the physiology behind effective leadership.

“Your role as a leader is to give your team guidance on what success looks like and demonstrate the values on how to get there”

“ You will realise that you are stressed by nothing related to the task at hand, but rather by the possibility of an outcome that may never happen”

Leaders and professionals are continuously searching for better ways to engage, connect, and lead others. New advances in the field of neuroscience may help us unravel the physiology of leadership effectiveness. Neuroscience is the study of how the nervous system develops, its structure, and what it does. On this podcast we are digging into the Neuroscience of Leadership with Declan Goodman, who is a technology and neuroscience of leadership consultant.

Some of the topics covered on this episode:

  • How to control your attitude in the most difficult of situations

  • How to stop yourself from over-thinking scenarios and their negative outcomes

  • Neuroplasticity - breaking old habits to form new ones

  • The concept of chunking – breaking larger tasks up into smaller more manageable tasks

  • How the emotions of a leader can be contagious and subsequently impact everyone else in the room

  • The act of re-framing a situation to your benefit

  • The importance of building your own values, mission statement and road map – not just following the ones set out by your company

  • How you can avoid the feeling of impostor syndrome in your role

  • Taking a self-aware approach to applying your own understanding of your own behavioral traits, what motivates/threatens you, how you react to those type of responses and applying them to your everyday leadership to become a better leader

  • How to give people the environment and trust to help them go above and beyond what they think they are capable of

  • How to use the neuroscience of leadership to build high performing teams and increase employee engagement

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