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Young Leaders In Technology
Meetup 9 - Online Panel Discussion with Andrew Pitcher, Graeme O'Reilly & Shana Chu*

Meetup 9 - Online Panel Discussion with Andrew Pitcher, Graeme O'Reilly & Shana Chu*

On this meetup: Leaders share insights on adaptability, impact over tasks, confidence, and embracing opportunities for growth in tech leadership.

“Learn fast, make mistakes, then turn around and figure out how it happened as a team to grow from it”

“You don't need to know where you are going to be in 5 years, but you need to understand the parts of the role you enjoy and see where could that lead you in the future”

For this meetup, we had 3 guests line up for a panel that talked about their own experiences in leadership and also took questions from the audience.

Some of the topics covered in this meetup:

  • How important it is in a startup to be able to adapt

  • Why being focused on making an impact in your company can be more beneficial than just getting work done

  • How valuable it is to give yourself the confidence to thrive in your own role and take the opportunities that may present themselves

  • The value of picking up different types of leadership traits from different people, as some leadership qualities may not suit you

  • Saying yes to great opportunities and jumping in feet first to try it, and if it doesn't work its a great way to learn

  • Why the hiring strategy is probably the most important thing for upholding or enhancing a good workplace culture

  • How to make sure that the product you are creating is viable and there is a market for it

  • Advice for someone starting out in a sales position

  • How to ensure diversity in the workplace



Andrew leads and is currently building out the Sales Development business in EMEA at Zendesk from their rapidly expanding EMEA HQ in Dublin. He has 10+ years of sales and strategy experience with a special passion for developing his teams and customers.

In his career to date, he has been the leader of Strategy & Operations teams, Sales Development teams (Inbound and Outbound) and Sales teams (SMB and Ent). He has worked with customers in the SaaS industry as well as the advertising industry across most markets in EMEA.

Andrew has a background as a certified strategic planner with a BBA in Business Economics and an MBA in Finance.



Graeme is the Head of Vision X at Dublin Tech Summit. He's an Innovative and experienced specialist in tech scale-ups and start-ups. Graeme specialises in identifying emerging start-ups with potential and developing relationships with start-up ecosystems globally.

Graeme leads the Vision X start-up programme at DTS where he engages with high potential start-ups and advises them on how best to connect, collaborate and scale through the Vision X programme. Vision X focuses on creating value for international start-ups and scale-ups in Dublin’s established and vibrant tech and business community.

Graeme is the DTS liaison between the start-up community and trade embassies, accelerators, investors and corporates. He facilitates introductions to enable entrepreneurs reach the next level of their growth and drives awareness of the DTS20 Start-up programme to an international audience of start-ups and investors.



STYL.wrap was founded in 2018 by Shana Chu. Shana is the brains and strength of the company. Her impressive experience includes being the head garment technologist, head designer, web developer and digital marketing manager for two very different brands for 8 years (one a sports and leisure wear manufacturer and the second a personal protective equipment (fire suits, FR & ARC workwear, etc.) manufacturer). This hands-on role gave her deep domain knowledge and insight into the best and worst parts of garment manufacture. Her role brought her internationally and added great achievements to her career.

STYL.wrap is a smart, easy to use sizing solution for online fashion retailers such as and ASOS. Using artificial intelligence, the platform will reduce the cost ($$62.4 billion worldwide in 2015), volume and environmental impact of returns by providing instant fit recommendations to online shoppers reducing the need to order multiple sizes.

They look at sizing and fit issues across the complete supply chain from initial design and production right through to the front door of online shoppers. They ensure that online shoppers get the right fit that looks good and feels great the first time, always.

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Young Leaders in Tech
Young Leaders In Technology
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