Young Leaders in Tech
Young Leaders In Technology
Meetup 7 - Panel Discussion with Martin O’Reilly, Alan Molloy & Declan Goodman

Meetup 7 - Panel Discussion with Martin O’Reilly, Alan Molloy & Declan Goodman

On this meetup: Insights on values-based decision-making, transitioning to management, finding joy in leadership, mentoring, and fostering workplace diversity.

"You'll never make a hard decision if you know what your values are"

"The role of a leader is to create the conditions for people to thrive"

For this meetup, we had 3 guests line up for a panel that talked about their own experiences in leadership and also took questions from the audience.

Some of the topics covered in this meetup:

  • How to deal with the change from being an individual contributor in a company to a manager

  • How to prove your worth as a junior member of the management team

  • How to find out what excites you and what you find rewarding, and then have fun leading the way

  • The importance of maintaining a positive personal relationship with employees reporting into you

  • Finding the right mentor

  • How to deal with conflict management & diversity in the workplace

  • The traits to look for in a potential employee

  • An interview is a two way street - how to find out if a company has the right working environment & culture for you



Martin O’Reilly is the CEO and Co-Founder of UCD Spin-out, Output Sports. Using state-of-the art signal processing and machine-learning, the company has developed a one-stop-tool for optimising Strength and Conditioning and Physiotherapy.

Prior to forming Output Sports, Martin completed a PhD developing sensor applications for exercise biofeedback and was a Biomechanics lecturer in UCD.



Alan has 25+ years in technology, consulting, and leadership roles and brings a blend of technical expertise and strategic business acumen. Most recently he has held leadership roles with second stage start-ups.

Prior to that he worked for a pillar bank in Ireland where he led a team of 250 engineers. And previous to this, he built a 100-engineer team for a large listed Irish entity. He also worked as a strategy consultant for the renowned McKinsey and Company. Alan is also is an Enterprise Ireland mentor.



Declan Goodman is an ICT management consultant and accredited neuroscience of leadership coach with 20+ years’ international experience.

He has held numerous IT leadership positions across a range of industries including finance, education, government and technology start-ups.

He is an active advocate of technology entrepreneurship, women in STEM and pragmatic, self-empowerment. Declan is founder of Dante Consulting, a local Dublin firm specialising in ICT Strategy, Architecture & Coaching services.

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Young Leaders in Tech
Young Leaders In Technology
This is a Podcast for any professionals who are either starting, looking to move into or already working in a leadership position and are looking for tips and advice on on how to be a better leader.