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Ep5 - Accountability in Leadership w/ Errol Doebler

Ep5 - Accountability in Leadership w/ Errol Doebler

In this podcast, a former Navy Seal/FBI Agent shares insights on instilling initiative and autonomy in teams while ensuring accountability in leadership.

“We start with the pain around awareness and self-reflection, and then we identify the behaviours that we need”

“If you give me that initiative and autonomy to make my own plan and act on it the way I best see fit… what other motivation does anybody need?”

On this episode of the Young Leaders in Tech Podcast, we spoke to Errol Doebler. Errol is the founder of Leader 193, a leadership consulting firm, and the author of “the Process, Art, and Science of Leadership”.

Errol is also a former Navy SEAL, former FBI Special Agent, and he uses all of these experiences to help teach business leaders around the world.

Throughout the course of this podcast, we focused on one area of leadership in particular and that is around accountability – how you can instil initiative and autonomy in yourself and your team while still holding people accountable.

Some of the topics covered on this episode:

- What is the definition of accountability

- Why and when people need to be held accountable for their actions

- Using accountability to build autonomy in the workplace

- How accountability is a two-way street

- How it can be used to fuel creative thinking in the workplace

- Why it is critical to establish behavioural guidelines for your team/organisation

- How to plan properly

- Resolving conflicts in the workplace

- By allowing autonomy how you can build initiative

- How to avoid hypocrisy with your employees/co-workers

- Building cohesion between employees

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